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prepositional phrases
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Prepositional phrases (verb, adjective, noun, phrase) + Gerund

(newly arranged in accordance to Leo Jones: "Notions in English", London CUP 61984 pp. 192 - 195)

Fill in a gerund that fits. Sometimes a new subject is needed.

Prepositional verb  Gerund  German translation of 
 prepositional verb
He apologised for   Er entschuldigte sich wegen/dafür dass...
I can't approve of    
He was accused of    
Do you agree with    
He argued all night about    
I believe in    
She boasted to us about    
You can blame me for    
Try to concentrate on    
The police charged him with    
The garage charged him L30 for    
They are always complaining about    
You'll have to choose between..and...    
I disagree with    
I disapprove of    
We eventually decided against    
Excuse me for    
I don't feel like    
How do you feel about    
Forgive me for    
We forgot about    
He is always grumbling about    
Have you heard about    
Please don't interfere with    
She insisted on    
It's rude to laugh at a person    
My mother looks like    
Are you making for    
I object to    
How much did you pay for    
They protested about    
I couldn't ever part with    
They prevented him from    
He was punished for    
It's time to prepare for    
You can't rely on    
She is in bed suffering from    
He succeeded in    
They saved him from    
He was talked out of    
He was talked into    
Stop talking about    
I've been thinking of    
I've already warned you about    
Don't worry about    

Prepositional adjective   Gerund  German translation of 
 prepositional adjective
I'm not accustomed to    
He was ashamed of    
He seemed annoyed about    
He was astonished at    
Are you aware of    
I'm rather anxious about    
He is capable of    
She is crazy about    
This is characteristic of    
I'm dissatisfied with    
He was a bit doubtful about    
He was very enthusiastic about    
I'm feeling excited about    
I'm quite fond of    
I'm fed up with    
They are famous for    
I'm frightened of    
He was found guilty of    
I'm very interested in    
She is very involved with    
I'm very pleased with    
I was presented with    
I'm a bit puzzled about    
I'm very proud of    
I'm pessimistic about    
He is very popular with    
I'm well qualified for    
He is much respected for    
Who is responsible for    
Nobody is safe from    
I feel sorry for    
Are you serious about    
She was sympathetic with    
I'm sick of    
I'm tired of    
What's wrong with    
I can't get used to    

 Prepositional noun  Gerund  German translation of 
 prepositional noun 
What's the advantage of    
What's your attitude to    
Congratulations on    
Give me your comments on    
There has been a delay in    
I have a little difficulty with    
I have a lot of experience in    
I'm an expert on    
There is no hope of    
I'd like some information about    
I have no intention of    
Have you heard the joke about    
I know a lot about    
What's the matter with    
Take no notice of    
Have you heard any news of    
What's your opinion about    
He needs protection from    
What is the result of    
I've read a report on    
What's your reaction to    
There is no room here for    
I've made a study of    
There should be a tax on    
What's the trouble with    
There are thousands of victims of    
She has a great zest for    

 Phrase  Gerund  German translation of phrase
It's no use    
There is no point in    
It's (no) worth    
It's no good    

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