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Reported Speech:
verbs of 'saying'
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Reported Speech: Verbs of 'saying'

It is important to differentiate between statements, questions and commands or requests because these ways of saying something
is decisive of the use of the sentence pattern i.e. the usage of that, wh...(who,what,where, when, why, whether) and if, how, or to + infinitive.

There is a 4th group reporting greetings, thanks, agreement and disagrement, interjections and good-byes.

1. verbs reporting statements:  
1. to add that  hinzufügen
2. to announce that ankündigen 
3. to answer that antworten
4. to assume that annehmen
5. to be of the opinion that der Meinung sein
6. to be written that geschrieben stehen
7. to believe that glauben
8. to boast that angeben
9. to burst out that herausplatzen
10. to confess that gestehen
11. to explain that erklären
12. to grant that einräumen
13. to hear, find out that erfahren
14. to hint that andeuten
15. to learn that erfahren
16. to murmur that murmeln
17. to point out that hervorheben
18. to predict that vorhersagen
19. to pretend that so tun als ob, vorgeben
20. to read that geschrieben stehen
21. to regret that bedauern
22. to remark that bemerken, an~
23. to reply that erwidern
24. to report that angeben, berichten
25. to reveal that preisgeben, enthüllen
26. to say that sagen
27. to shout that  schreien
28. to suppose that vermuten
29. to tell that erzählen
30. to think that denken
31. to whisper that flüstern

2. Verbs reporting questions  
1. to ask whether / if / who... fragen
2. to enquire if / whether/ when.. . ausfragen
3. to question if / whether / what. ausfragen
4. to want to know if / whether.. wissen wollen
5. to wonder if / whether/ why.. sich fragen

3. Verbs reporting orders & requests:  
1. to accuse to beschuldigen
2. to allow to erlauben
3. to ask to bitten
4. to beg to herzlich bitten
5. to command to kommandieren
6. to demand to fordern
7. to expect to erwarten
8. to forbid to verbieten
9. to offer to anbieten
10. to order to befehlen
11. to permit to erlauben
12. to persuade to überzeugen, überreden
13. to promise to versprechen
14. to request to (höflich) bitten, ersuchen
15. to suggest to vorschlagen
16. to suspect to verdächtigen
17. to warn not to warnen
18. to wish to wünschen

4. special verbs  
1. to agree. ja sagen, zustimmen
2. to deny. leugnen,
3. to deny / to disagree. nein sagen, verneinen
4. to contradict. widersprechen
5. to thank danken
6. to say good bye s. verabschieden
7. to say good-bye auf Wiederesehen sagen

Can you report?

 Persons speaking Quotations
Teacher:  "Susan, can you please open the window?" 3
Susan:  "Of course, I can." 4
Teacher:  "What about writing a test?" 3
John:  "I'm not prepared." 1
Jimmy:  "That's not a nice idea." 1
Alice:  " You didn't say anything yesterday. 1
Charles:  " I haven't learnt the verbs." 1
Sally:  "Let's write it on Wednesday." 3
Robert:  "Oh, no." 4
Heather:  "Yes, please let's do it on Wednesday." 3
Teacher:  "Well, then. It's O.K. You'll learn the verbs of "saying" for Wednesday."4, 3

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Reported Speech:
Verbs of 'saying'
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