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TQM Information

 The ABA Quality Steering Committee was formed in Spring 1995 to identify processes in which quality improvement techniques could be applied to change the way we think about and conduct our business. 


The ABA Quality Steering Council will create an atmosphere that promotes individual and cooperative efforts to provide exemplary service to the University community.


Collaboration - A cooperative and non-competitive effort, in acknowledging our shared customers and goals, is integral to our ability to achieve excellence in services provided. We achieve success by contributing to the success of others. 

Community - Administration and Business Affairs is a complex organization providing services to and receiving services from others inside and outside the university. We realize our actions and responsibilities are interdependent, affecting the campus community and the larger society. 

Creativity and Innovation - Creativity and innovation means we are receptive to new ideas for accomplishing our goals. It is encouraged through free expression and an open exchange of ideas and/or suggestions from all individuals. 

Empowerment - Empowerment means providing every staff member with the ability to make responsible decisions free from the fear of failure. We believe in providing the channels through which they can express their ideas. Empowerment enriches individual satisfaction and inspires individual responsibility and accountability. 

Excellence - We strive for excellence in every way. Excellence is achieved by high standards, continual dedication towards improvement and self satisfaction. 

Professional Development and Growth - We encourage professional development and growth by providing educational opportunities and by recognizing individual achievement. 

Responsibility and Accountability - We accept the responsibility to continuously improve in all processes without compromising our ethics or integrity. Accountability for the use of public resources and the value of the services resides with individuals as well as program centers. 

Service to Customers - The quality of the service we provide is our top priority. Everything we do must contribute to the quality of service to our customers. 


  • To build an organization recognized for its excellence.
  • To develop a strong internal community which is responsive to the needs of the greater campus, city and regional communities.
  • To instill an attitude of personal responsibility and accountability for providing service to customers.
  • To create an atmosphere in which the value of cooperation is widely understood and practiced.
  • To provide an environment that encourages creativity and innovation.
  • To empower our employees to make responsible decisions, free from the fear of failure.
  • To provide opportunities for the professional development and growth of ABA staff members and to recognize their achievements.



The New Start team is focused on developing a process to orient new University employees and long-time University employees that are new to ABA. 


Process improvement teams were first established in February, 1996. Link to the team pages for further information and a list of members. 

Team Name Mission Statement Established
Campus Information Booths
Identify a process to broaden the scope of information available at the campus information booths and the Information Center. Spring 1997
Facilities/Equipment Requests


Recommend procedures that ABA might implement for a centralized source of information on location and or department to be called when a campus user needs campus space, equipment or services for non instructional purposes. Spring 1997
Go for Information Team
Improve information distribution by developing a process that ABA staff can use when asked a question beyond the scope of the department's function. Spring 1996
Providing Excellent Service through Training
Mission: Develop a process to identify and address ABA staff training needs, improve distribution of training information, increase awareness of equipment and services available, increase management support for staff training, recognize training achievements, and provide a process for continuing support and training. Spring 1996


In addition to the team process improvement projects, work is in progress in the following subcommittees: 
  • Customer Feedback Subcommittee is providing direction for obtaining customer feedback to promote consistency and foster program improvement.
  • Recognition/Awards Subcommittee is developing a program to recognize individual and group efforts that further the mission or long-term goals of Administration and Business Affairs, or otherwise exemplify its core values; to build a sense of community and purpose within ABA.
  • TQM Team Process Subcommittee developed guidelines for information gathering and reporting team progress.
  • Project Selection Subcommittee is developing the process for selecting TQM projects.
  • Assessment Process Subcommittee has developed guidelines for conducting assessments on TQM processes. An assessment will be done on the training team process completed by the TQM PEST team.
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